Mountain Barn Builders LLC, established in 1992, in Clarkrange, Tennessee, is your source for quality storage products at affordable prices. We build and sell wood and metal storage buildings, carports, garages, greenhouses, cabins, and office space. Our Mennonite quality, built products has expanded to include outdoor lawn furniture, lawn decor, picnic-patio furniture, gazebos, arbors, and pergolas.
We also custom design animal shelters including dog kennels and chicken coops, as well as children's play houses, play sets, and kid's furniture while continuing to expand our products. Our craftsmen proudly build custom products, and will gladly work with you and your designs. 

"Improving today for a better tomorrow by adding value to our community, our people, and our business"

"If our name is on it, you can be proud of it!"
Phillip Horst, Owner 

WHY BUY from Mountain Barn Builders, LLC of Clarkrange, Tennessee?

PEACE OF MIND – Looking for the best quality workmanship and guarantee for storage buildings, wood furniture, gazebos, play sets, and more? Mountain Barn Builders ensures quality and warranties the workmanship and materials of all products it sells.

FREE INSTALLATION - We will set up and level your building on a block foundation free of charge.

DURATEMP® Siding – Manufactured with a strong plywood veneer inner core and a tough hardboard face that won’t split, crack or check – even with rough treatment. DURATEMP® is made of genuine plywood, so even though it’s lighter, it’s also stronger than most siding products. The ease of installation and painting means it costs about the same as ordinary siding. It has the texture and appearance of natural rough sawed cedar. Its surface is 100% clear and free of patches or repairs. It is easy to paint and can withstand exposure to the elements. FSC Certified DURATEMP® is now available and can contribute to achieving LEED credits. DURATEMP® carries a 50 year warranty.

OVERHANGS – All our buildings have at least a 5 ½” - 7 ½” overhang, with the exception of Style A, by design. However, options are available for Style A, as well.

2 x 4 CONSTRUCTION – All our walls and most roofs are built with 2 x 4’s, 16” OC for strength and durability.

RADIANT BARRIER - Structural sheathing backed with foil to keep the building cooler in the summer is available.

TAR PAPER – offered as an option.

UNLIMITED OPTIONS – We can fully customize your building to suit your needs exactly. Add shelves, lofts, workbenches, and more. If you request it, you can have it!

WARRANTY – BEST in the industry in a multi-state region with *8 year warranty, workmanship and material guaranteed.

SERVICE – We offer a full-scale service department to maintain your building, gazebo, play set and furniture through the coming years. Painting, staining, re-roofing, and other repairs are just a phone call away.

ON-SITE CONSULTATION AVAILABLE – If you’re not quite sure of the measurements of the building you want, how to get it placed where you want it, or even exactly what it is you want…call one of our team members and we will gladly come to your site and help determine what will best suit your needs. We will inspect and determine if our trucks can deliver the size and style of building you want, and advise, if clearing, etc. may be required.

*Requires DURATEMP® siding, DURATRIM® trims, Owen’s Corning 25 year asphalt Shingles and pressure treated floor joists.

We offer Rent-to-Own

With no credit check and financing on storage buildings, playhouses, gazebos, mini barns, and much more.
Mountain Barn Builders, LLC’s quality is exceptional. We offer DURATEMP® siding which carries a 50 Year Manufacturers’ Warranty. We have been using this product for 10 years and are very satisfied with the quality and durability. Complete your building with DURATRIM ® trim, along with Owen’s Corning® Architectural Asphalt shingles and pressure treated floor joists for an 8 year workmanship warranty, guaranteed by
Mountain Barn Builders, LLC.
We sincerely appreciate our customers and continuously strive to improve our business.
Our customers are our best referrals!
Rent to Own / No Credit Check

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