Different Roof Types

Author: Rae-Anna Hodges


Mountain Barn Builders, LLC offers two different types of roofing. The two different types are metal roofing and shingle roofing. They both have pros and cons for one of them. Mountain Barn Builders have warranties for both metal and shingle roofing, today I will be going over the pros and cons and which one offers the best for our customers. Even though it is completely up to our customers we still want to give them whatever their hearts desire for their building.

One of the best things about a metal roof is that it’s extremely low maintenance. Metal roofs rarely need to be replaced over the course of time and that is a huge plus, so you are not having to fork over money constantly to repair. Metal is by far the strongest material we offer to build a roof. It is also a fire-resistant option because it provides a strong barrier against the elements. They are designed to withstand major damage and won’t need replacing or repairing after heavy rain or snowstorm. Metal roofs are possibly the greatest pro of a metal roof that it has a significantly longer lifespan than shingles. It is a lightweight material that does not put extra stress on you or your home’s foundation allowing your roof to last 50-100 years.

An asphalt shingle roof is the common type of roofing you see in residential areas. It is often seen as the "traditional” type of roofing to be used for most homes or buildings to match each other. Shingle roofing can also be practical for some customers for their building because it is easier to walk on a shingle roof and clean as well as resolve any problems within the roof. Shingles are easier to transport than a full metal slab. They also offer an easier, quicker installation process. Shingles have a shorter lifecycle than their metal counterpart. Whereas metal roofing options can last 50-100 years, a shingle roof rarely lasts longer than 25 years. Here are the factors that cause shingle roofs to degrade vs. metal: before they hit 25 years, shingle roofs usually need at least some shingles replaced or repaired before a full-out roof replacement. Shingles damage easily, can flake over time, and are breeding grounds for algae, mold, and mildew.

With Mountain Barn Builders, LLC we let our customers decide which one is best for their needs with whatever building they choose. We just want to describe the differences between the two to help the customer with any questions they have with which one would be better over time. We do offer a warranty for both metal and shingle roofing. Shingles are limited though for which buildings you are wanting to put shingles on. We offer three buildings to use our shingles which are our Dutch Barn, Cabin Style, or our studio buildings. Our customers can use shingles and metal on our Gazebos as well. The warranty for shingle roofing is a 25-year warranty which is optional for our customers. Our metal roofing warranty is a 40-year warranty which is also optional for our customers.

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