Five steps to prepare for spring

Author: Samantha Horst


#PreparingYourGardenForSpring With Mountain Barn Builders

As spring approaches, thereís no better time to prepare your garden for a season of growth! Whether youíre a veteran or novice gardener, itís important to make sure everything is in order before you start planting and harvestingóand this includes investing in quality tools and structures like chicken coops, garden sheds, run-in sheds, and dog kennels from Mountain Barn Builders. Here are five steps to help get your garden prepped for spring!!!🌸

  1. Clear Out The Space: Make sure the area you plan on using is free of debris and weeds. If needed, rent a tiller to break up hard soil before you start planting.

  2. Invest In A Quality Shed: At Mountain Barn Builders our chicken coops, run-in sheds, and dog kennels provide shelter for animals with sturdy designs that last for years to come. They also have plenty of room for storing garden supplies such as fertilizer, hoses, and lawnmowers.

  3. Prepare Your Soil: Create a healthy foundation for your plants by adding compost or mulch to the soil. This will help fertilize whatís already there while providing nutrients that plants need throughout the spring and summer months.

  4. Get Ready To Plant: Before planting any flowers or vegetables itís important to determine which plants will best fit in with the space available in your garden as well as how much sunlight they need each day. Plants also need plenty of water during periods of dry spells so make sure to keep them hydrated throughout the season!

  5. Support Pollinators: Bees, butterflies, hummingbirds, and other pollinators play an essential role in helping maintain healthy gardens so be sure to add some flowers that attract these beneficial insects! You can also invest in a beehouse or birdfeeder from Mountain Barn Builders if you want more ways to support the local wildlife population in your area!

Happy gardening this spring with Mountain Barn Builders!!🌸🌷🌻☀️🌼🪷🌺

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