Relocating Your Storage Shed

Author: Andrea Horst


"How can I move my storage shed to a new location?”

Andrea Horst



This is a question shed owners are asking now! You are moving and your new house doesn’t quite have enough room. Rather than renting a storage unit or purchasing a new shed, why not just move the one you have now? There are a few questions to consider before deciding. Is your shed portable? How far are you moving the storage shed? Is your storage shed structurally sound? How much does it cost to move? Is your storage shed on a rental contract or tied to any loans?


"Is my shed portable?”


Before you take the time to call different companies to move your shed, you need to ensure it is portable. In the shed industry, the standard is to include runners on all portable storage sheds. Runners are typically 4”x4” pressure-treated boards that "run” the length of the storage shed, elevating it off the ground. Shed haulers use these runners to load the storage shed on their trailers and level it on blocks.


Sizes will also determine whether the storage shed can be transported or not. You will need to check with your state’s DOT laws and ALWAYS verify that your shed hauler is permitted to carry the width of your shed. Most haulers in Tennessee are permitted up to 16’x40’.


"How far can I move my storage shed?”


This answer will mostly depend on your budget and the shed hauler you work with. Some shed haulers will quote a flat fee based on mileage and the size of the storage shed while other companies, such as Mountain Barn Builders, will quote rates by the hour.


You will also want to check permitting requirements if you are moving your shed across state lines. Some haulers will be permitted in several states, while others are only permitted in their home state.


We highly recommend that you take into consideration the cost of a new shed and compare it to the cost to move your storage shed. Typically, new sheds will cost more. However, it never hurts to compare the costs!


"Is my storage shed structurally sound enough to move?”



PLEASE inspect your storage shed BEFORE you pay someone to move it! Here are 3 things to look for when inspecting your storage shed before relocation.

1. RUNNERS – As noted before, it is important to have runners on your storage shed to make relocating your storage shed easier. These runners should be pressure treated to prevent rotting and insect damage. Inspect these boards for rotten spots, cracks, and termites. Most issues will be apparent and if you have any concerns, contact your shed hauler.

2. FLOOR JOISTS – These are the boards running horizontally along the width of your storage shed. They may be slightly more difficult to check but are important to the integrity of your storage shed.

3. SIDING – If your storage shed is over 8 years old, you will want to inspect your siding. Check for rust on metal siding and for rotting, cracking, and peeling on wood siding. These can cause breakage and become extremely dangerous when being transported.


"Can I move my storage shed if it is on a rental contract or tied to a loan?”


This is a very important question and completely depends on who you are financing or renting through! Some banks have stricter policies than others on storage shed relocation. However, ALL organizations will need to know if you are moving the storage shed.


I hope this article helps you as you research relocating your storage shed! If you are looking to move your building within the Middle TN area, call 931-863-8030 for quotes and options!

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