Roof Styles!

Author: Andrea Horst


Ok, itís time to purchase a storage shed. You have started doing your research and realize there is a lot more to storage sheds than sizes and colors. What are all these different styles? Does the roof style matter more than solely aesthetics? What will give me the most space for the best price? Well, you have come to the right place! Keep reading to discover what roof style is best for you.

  1. Which one has more loft space? The design of the barn style allows for more loft space than that of the cabin style. We highly recommend the barn style for anyone looking to maximize the storage capabilities of their shed. While you can order lofts in the cabin style and still store some items, they do not have the same capacity as the barn style.
  2. Which one is cheaper? While prices will vary by models and materials, the cabin style tends to cost less due to fewer materials and labor in the roof. The difference is usually between $600 and $800, depending on the model.

In summary, the barn-style offers more space, while the cabin style tends to cost less. Check out our storage sheds here to get free quotes and order yours online!
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