What is Double Bubble Insulation?

Author: Rae-Anna Hodges


Today I make this blog for our customers and for anyone curious about why use this type of insulation for our buildings. The insulation we use is Double Bubble Insulation, which is, used as insulation against radiant heat transfer. It can also be sued to its greatest advantage in instances where radiation is the predominant means of heat transfer. It is the bright aluminized film surface of all radiant barrier products that gives insulating properties. Bubble insulation is composed of either single bubble or double bubble layers of air bubbles sandwiched between two metalized surfaces. Double Bubble measures 5/16 inches.

How is Double Bubble produced? The production process of this type of insulation includes several stages:

The polyethylene resin beads, each the size of a rice grain, are melted at a high temperature of 450 degrees Celsius.

The melted beads are merged into thin sheets of polyethylene

The polyethylene sheets are flattened to the desired thickness

The ready film is fed into rollers with small holes

The air is vacuumed and blown into the holes of the roller

The plastic sheets are transferred through other rollers to seal the air inside

The bubble wrap insulation is cut to different sizes and rolled

Why does Mountain Barn Builders, LLC use this Bubble Wrap in our sheds and carports? The biggest advantage is that it reduces heat transfer by using reflective foils, which help with temperature control inside our structures. We want to make sure our customers are taken care of with no worries over their building sweating anymore. Our new stock buildings now come with Double Bubble insulation as a standard feature. Our buildings still have vents on each end to circulate the air throughout the building. We take pride in our buildings to make sure we satisfy our customers with outstanding quality within our buildings, workmanship warranties, and now no worries about their building sweating from this heat.

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