World Smile Day!!!

Author: Rae-Anna Hodges


Mountain Barn Builders, LLC comes to you today, 09/07/2022, with a blog about World Smile Day on October 10th! No one can stress enough about today’s society with so much frowning, dreading the day away, and no smiles especially. Have you ever heard, "a smile a day will keep the doctor away”? That statement is true! Do you know where World Smile Day originally started and came from? No? Me neither, but do not worry about looking it up because this blog will explain it all.

World Smile Day was started in 1963, by an artist and a man from Worcester, Massachusetts, Harvey Bell. Mr. Bell first created the smiley face symbol that many of us use today in this society and all over the world on the internet. This day came about as a response to his creation of the Smiley Face. It was stated that Harvey was worried about his commercialization of the symbol would lessen its impact. But can we blame him? The symbol has been used for many things over the years, including clothing, shoes, jewelry, accessories, comic books, mugs, pins, toys, vehicles, etc. Mr. Harvey Bell wanted this symbol to represent more rather than any other symbol we use today, they are a symbol of the power of smiling!

In 1999, World Smile Day became an official holiday to regain control. The celebration aspects of the day were simple yet effective, people were to use the day to smile and make small acts of kindness worldwide. Mr. Harvey wanted to keep the smile connected to the human being. By doing so, you would smile and in return, you would make someone else smile and brighten up their day. Colossians 3:17, "And whatsoever ye do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by him.” World smile day is an incredibly unique day. It is unique in terms of its celebration. Every day which we celebrate has a specific method or custom to follow, but there is no specific pattern to celebrate world smile day. You can make a person smile and be happy in numerous diverse ways.

Mountain Barn Builders, LLC, hopes you take in the true meaning of World Smile Day and give a smile to everyone you come across. You never know when someone else needs that smile or a laugh to brighten up their day. One small smile, a kind gesture, or even a joke can brighten up their day!

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