Horse Barn - Kennels - Chicken Coops - Run Ins

Horse Barn

Mountain Barn Builders custom builds stables, also known as "shed rows", with comfort, safety, and convenience in mind.

  1. They are constructed of rough pine 1x12 boards with 2 inch batten strips and 6x6 pressure treated wood frames.
  2. The walls are made of 2x4 Spruce.
  3. 1 inch, rough sawed, kick boards are installed around the stall interior.
  4. Interior boxing is made of oak, the floors are tongue and groove.
  5. Windows have wrought iron guards, and the partitions and/or hay racks are made of wrought iron as well.
  6. The tack room floors are made of pressure treated 2x6s with 5/8" tongue and groove.
  7. Options include: partitions, hay racks, shelving lofts, extra windows, and side doors.
  8. Accessories include: vents, cupolas, and weather vanes.
  9. Customize with board and batten, log siding, or painted Duratemp®. as well as shingle or metal roofing.
  10. We also build to suit .

"Shed Rows"

horse stable

Chicken Coops

We also offer chicken coops! This is a well thought out design, ensuring comfort your birds as well as convenience for you!
  1. Mountain Barn Builders custom builds coops in a 6x8.
  2. They are designed with comfort, safety and convenience in mind.
  3. A small door and ramp allow the birds outside, but a larger entrance door allows you in to feed, clean etc.
  4. Coops have screened windows are installed to allow light and ventilation for your birds
  5. The coop is very nice not only for chickens but also for ducks, geese, water foul etc.
  6. One of the best features of the coop is the access to the nesting box, from the outside if the coop, to allow gathering of eggs without entering the coop every day.
  7. Accessories include: cupolas and weather vanes
  8. You can customize with board and batten wood or painted Duratemp® and a shingle or metal roof.
bird sanctuary

Dog Kennel

Our dog kennels are premium shelters for dogs or other animals, requiring boarding for periods of time.

  1. The kennel is an 8 x 10 structure with the 4 x 8 portion fully enclosed and roofed, and the 6 x 8 area roofed, fenced, and floored (run).
  2. The kennels are built with pressure treated deck boards, DURATEMP® siding, and 2 x 4 grid horse panels for durable and economical cages and runs.
  3. You may customize your kennel with lofts, two runs, two cages, rubber mats, and by choosing roofing and siding options.
  4. You may upgrade and add insulation and wiring for added comfort and convenience.
  5. The kennels can be used to house cats, birds, goats and pet pigs, as well as dogs large and small.
  6. Our kennels are well designed, comfortable and convenient!
  7. Great for K-Nine dog handlers, breeders, vets, and groomers as well as the concerned pet owner!
  8. Your kennel can be customized to be just as unique as your pet! Choose from DURATEMP®, board and batten, or T111 siding and choose shingles or a metal roof. If painted DURATEMP®, choose paint and trim to suit you.

Custom and durable, our kennels are top of the line for all your small animals!

dog house


Mountain Barn Builders also builds run-in shelters.These are ideal for sheltering and feeding equine, cattle, goats and other farm animals.
  1. They are constructed of rough pine, 1 x 12 boards with 2 inch batten strips and 6 x 6 pressure treated wood frames.
  2. The walls are constructed of 2 x 4 Spruce.
  3. Options include partitions, hay racks, and/or a dividing wall, gates, or fencing for enclosure.
  4. You may customize by choosing board & batten, log siding, or painted Duratemp® as well as shingle or metal roofing.
  5. We will build to suit and on-site as well.
This is a well constructed, economical choice for sheltering your mid to large sized animals!

animal run in shelter