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We Care About Our Community


Mountain Barn Builders strives to excel in every area both internally and externally. We realize that to have a deep impact on those within our community, our primary aim must be to serve. The driving phrase behind Mountain Barn Builders is "Mountain Strong,” and this phrase not only describes the durability and high quality of our products but also speaks to our desire to have a strong, deeply rooted connection to the community surrounding our company.


At the core of the company, Mountain Barn Builders is faith-inspired to serve as Jesus would serve and prioritizes People and Families in every decision while also striving to share generously with our community. Though we fundamentally serve our community because we seek to honor the Lord, at Mountain Barn Builders we recognize that to be an effective company, we must meet the needs of others however we can. Mechele Agbayani Mills, President, and CEO of the Better Business Bureau Serving Central East Texas shares similar sentiments as she writes, "Good business is no longer just about making a profit. Being socially and culturally responsible is more important than ever to customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.”


We see similar initiatives by other prominent companies who aspire to help make the world a better, more prosperous place. Google helps to support local and global communities by "[funding] local nonprofits and national organizations that are working to make their neighborhoods, and the [entire] country, a better place where everyone can thrive. Google has also established The Fellowship Program, which is a pro bono program that matches Google employees with nonprofits and civic entities for up to six months on full-time technical projects.


Companies all around the world have established similar initiatives to help their communities, and we realize that giving back to the community is one of the most important pillars of a truly successful business.


Local Ministry Efforts

Serving the community is far more important to Mountain Barn Builders than simply driving sales. As a result, we actively search for ways to help within the Fentress County community. Locally, we at Mountain Barn Builders have partnered with different organizations, sponsored events, and hosted our own events to help the community. Stephanie Woods, part owner of Autumn Acres says, "Our partnership with Mountain Barn Builders has continued to grow year after year into a great relationship. For over 10 years now we have been able to watch families from across the Upper Cumberland enjoy playing on their playground equipment, sitting in the shade in their gazebos, and enjoying resting in their lawn furniture.”


Mountain Barn Builders has been intentional with showing love to the community year-round, by supporting the local annual Popsicle Bridge Building Competition at the start of the year and facilitating giving through our Angel Tree Christmas initiative at the end of the year. Through the Popsicle Bridge Building Competition, Mountain Barn Builders has the privilege of seeing contestants from all over compete and show off their engineering skills, and through the Angel Tree initiative, Mountain Barn Builders encourages the local community to sponsor gifts for less fortunate children within the Fentress County area. To see a glimpse of the impact on the community through the Popsicle Bridge Building Competition, check out this video!


Ministry Partnerships

Moreover, Mountain Barn Builders has been devoted to supporting our community through partnering with various organizations. We have partnered with Break the Cycle—an organization that provides individuals with the necessary tools to overcome trauma and excel in life—Plateau Pregnancy Center through our ministry match initiative, Cookout Fundraisers to raise support for local families in need, Food Drive Projects, and many other organizations and events.


Mountain Barn Builders has also had the privilege of hosting the Work as Worship Retreat presented by, in which thousands of Christians from every vocation join a Livestream event about connecting faith and work. Involved in this event were Carey Nieuwhof, Bestselling author, and founding pastor of Connexus Church, Jon Acuff New York Times bestselling author of Finish, Do Over, and Start, and Nona Jones, Pastor, business executive, author, and entrepreneur


Ministry Efforts Abroad

Mountain Barn Builders’ desire to extend God’s love and kindness extends beyond Fentress County, and even beyond the borders of the United States. This year from June 1st to June 15th, Mountain Barn Builders traveled abroad to Kenya and helped with the construction of a local church, and showed love to the local community by playing with the youth and sharing the Gospel.

The Bottom Line

Above all else, Mountain Barn Builders' greatest desire is to show Christ’s love to the surrounding community through our ministry efforts. We recognize the importance of Eternal Return on Investment and esteem that far above any other financial gain. The Center for Christianity in Business says that the most important quality for a faith-based business is being conscious of Eternal Return on Investment (EROI). They say, "The bottom line for a Christ-Centered business is not merely financial, social, environmental, or anything else that is temporary. The bottom line for a Christ-Centered is eternal,” and we could not agree more fervently.




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