The owner of Mountain Barn Builders LLC, Phillip Horst, bought Mountain Barn Builders in 2003 when he was twenty-eight years old. He decided to buy it because he wanted to be able to spend more time with his family. He had previously worked with his brother Paul Horst, excavating. This job had long hours and needed him to stay away from home for days at a time. He now has three of his five children working under him, learning the trade of the business. Jared Horst, the oldest child, works with the onsite construction crew. He has learned how to work hard, and that quality is always important. Andrea Horst, the second oldest, works as a secretary in the office, designing brochures and the website. Brianna Horst, the middle child, has recently designed the family’s new 48 x 72 barn, at only fourteen years old. Lucille Horst, Phillip’s wife, stays at home and keeps fresh "goodies” available at all times, with the two youngest daughters, Samantha, and Evelyn. 

When Mountain Barn Builders, located in middle Tennessee, began, in 1992, it had a customer base of two hundred and now with the help of brilliant managers and innovative technologies, the business has expanded greatly. This company has set up many good relationships and is now one of the top storage building manufacturers in the state of Tennessee. With essential core values kept at its heart, Mountain Barn Builders is expanding and opening new doors for opportunity to the community and individuals with passion and determination.

Mountain Barn Builders is located in a small rural area, Clarkrange, Tennessee, which is in the center of Nashville, Knoxville, and Chattanooga. This family-owned company takes pride in the quality of its products. With the many great customers and hardworking employees, this is a great local business to consider buying from.

Mountain Barn Builders’ products are made with quality and affordability in mind. This is a business that takes pride in its accomplishments and the accomplishments of its hardworking team. It builds fully customizable storage sheds, animal shelters, and carports. It also offers beautiful gazebos, playhouses, playsets, and lawn furniture. Select products are crafted by local builders at their own homes, while others are crafted in the two factories, found in Clarkrange and Woodbury, Tennessee.

The customers of Mountain Barn Builders are offered the best service possible. If the company does not give top-quality service, it will address the issue and improve to the best of its capabilities. "The highest quality products in the area, hands down!”, said Google Reviewer, Katherine Fry. Mountain Barn Builders values its customers highly and strives to please them in any and every way it can.

Valued employees of Mountain Barn Builders have many good things to say about the company they work at. "All [employees] ban together through thick and thin. [They] work as one unit. It is not one to make a company grow, it is all who work there, so believe in fellow coworkers, help others in time of need, and push forward to grow a company together.”, says truck driver, David. "They [the management] are open to let you run with your own ideas. They want you to be a free thinker.”, states Maintenance Manager, Cody Collins. The employees get to enjoy monthly and yearly activities such as visiting a local fun center, Chuckles, and attending the annual company cookout.

Mountain Barn Builders has been involved with the Chamber of Commerce for over ten years. It is actively involved with the workforce, tourism, and local businesses of Fentress County. "Mountain Barn Builders is a prime model for local businesses…They are loyal to this community.”, says Leanne Smith, an active member of the Chamber of Commerce and future local business owner. "Community pride” and "local business”, are words people think of when they hear "Mountain Barn Builders”.

When it comes to serving the community Mountain Barn Builders is eager to help. This business adds value to the local community through beautification and aesthetics by building beautiful storage sheds for community members to safely store their belongings. Mountain Barn Builders also sponsors a local little league baseball team every year. This business treats everyone more as a family than just customers. The business and its employees understand hometown values and people. [remarks made by Amanda Hicks Fentress County Courthouse employee since 2014]

-Andrea Horst, Part-time secretary, and media maintenance


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"In 2004, Autumn Acres fell into a relationship with Mountain Barn Builders by accident after meeting Philip Horst at our local fair in Cumberland County. Each night I was at the fair I admired all the items they had on display. I struck up a conversation with Philip and asked him if there was any way that he would be willing to bring any items to Autumn Acres to display throughout our season in a trade for us advertising for him to our customers. He was gracious enough to agree to try it. Our partnership with Mountain Barn Builders has continued to grow year after year into a great relationship. For over 10 years now we have been able to watch families from across the Upper Cumberland enjoy playing on their playground equipment, sitting in the shade in their gazebos, and enjoying resting in their lawn furniture. We have many people in different conversations talk about furniture, etc. The quality workmanship that they put into their items is amazing! I cannot say enough good things about Philip, Pauline, the delivery drivers, and Mountain Barn Builders as a whole. I feel like our relationship has helped both of our local, small businesses to grow. And to me, that is what it is all about!! Building relationships and people helping people!”

-Stephanie Woods at Autumn Acres.


"I started working at MBB at the end of March 2015. Phillip had been looking around for a manager. At some point, he had a discussion with the County Executive and his assistant. His assistant, Amanda, and I had attended the same church. Amanda said that when she heard about the position I was the first person that God put on her heart. Amanda ended up calling me to see if I was interested. At the time, I was an Apprentice Lineman working in Virginia and was not really looking for a job but would have preferred to work closer to home. After Amanda called I took some time to pray and then called Phillip to set up an interview. After a couple of interviews and praying, I decided to make the switch and I have never regretted the decision since! My position in the company is General Manager. My role has multiple responsibilities, but to see that the operation of the company goes smoothly and to serve our customers with the best possible service. It is hard to remember my first thoughts about the company. The first couple of years was a blur with learning about shed construction, developing a group of shop employees, and growing myself. My first thought about the ownership was he knew exactly what he was doing and there was no doubt he knew where he wanted to go. I was impressed by his ability to understand a situation, know the solution to the situation, and then help me resolve the situation. The future for MBB is wide open. Seeing where we can go and be a part of that journey is the best part of the company. The people are Awesome! About everyone wants to grow and improve themselves. For the most part, people are light-hearted and enjoy their work. The goal I see Mountain Barn Builders have is not to be the largest but to be the best at doing what we say we will do, build the best product possible, and treat everyone better than anyone else. Be a company that gives better value to the customer while paying employees and shareholders more than anyone else. (taken from our Mission and Vision paper) I do not see the "Worst Part”. I see opportunities to learn and grow. Honestly, I have only had a hand full of days that I would consider "bad” and those were days that were not that bad. My personal goal for the company is to see all the employees be paid some of the highest wages in the area. I want to see people thrive while they work here and hear those people brag that they get to work at MBB. Mountain Barn Builders has grown me more than anywhere I have worked. It is given me the sense of community, of valuing others, of seeing other people succeeding and wanting them to succeed even more. After 9 years of traveling on the road for work, it gave me the opportunity to be at home more with my family. My values have grown, and goals have started to develop for a greater purpose than just to work. MBB is by far the best job that I have ever had! You cannot beat the people and the culture of MBB! We have come a long way since when I first started, but only have begun to scratch the surface of where we are going!”

-Chris Hammock, General Manager at Mountain Barn Builders


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