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No Credit Check – No Hassle!

Our Rent to Own program, is quickly becoming our most popular form of getting a storage unit. We offer delivery of the item(s) of your choice with a *minimum of first month’s rent and a small deposit paid prior to delivery. No Credit Check is required for our Rent-to-Own customers. Early pay-off will save up to 40% on balance of contract amount.


The Rent to Own program is not a finance plan. It is a straight forward rental plan.
Each month, you have the option of doing one of three things:

1. Pay rent for another month on the item(s) with 60% of each rental payment going towards
the purchase of said item(s);

2. Purchase the item(s) by paying in full plus sales tax; or

3. Return the item(s) to Plateau Property Solutions, LLC. You may cancel the rental at any time and for any reason. Just give us a call and we will pick up the item(s).

We always suggest to our customers to plan ahead, when purchasing for storage. If you are in need of a small storage building now, consider how much storage you may need in five years. If after purchasing a storage building, you have a need for more space, trading in is always an option. Call us to discuss a trade up.

Toll Free 844-367-1620

*Deposit amount is based on the product.

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