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No Credit Check – No Hassle!

Our Rent to Own program, is quickly becoming our most popular form of getting a storage unit. We offer delivery of the item(s) of your choice with a *minimum of first month’s rent and a small deposit paid prior to delivery. No Credit Check is required for our Rent-to-Own customers. Early pay-off will save up to 40% on balance of contract amount. With this option you end up owning your building as opposed to paying a monthly fee for storage unit that isn't yours. 


The Rent to Own program is not a finance plan. It is a straight forward rental plan.
Each month, you have the option of doing one of three things:

1. Pay rent for another month on the item(s) with 60% of each rental payment going towards
the purchase of said item(s);

2. Purchase the item(s) by paying in full plus sales tax; or

3. Return the item(s) to Plateau Property Solutions, LLC. You may cancel the rental at any time and for any reason. Just give us a call and we will pick up the item(s).

Liability Damage Waiver: Consumers have the option to pay a fee for obtain the waiver. If the consumer chooses to do so the consumer will not be liable for loss of or damage to the leased property from fire, storm, flood, or other act of God. Consumer must be current on all payments to claim LDW. LDW does not cover loss or damage due to consumer or leesee's family's willful acts or gross negligence. LDW does not cover mysterious disappearances or loss from theft.

We always suggest to our customers to plan ahead, when purchasing for storage. If you are in need of a small storage building now, consider how much storage you may need in five years. If after purchasing a storage building, you have a need for more space, trading in is always an option. Call us to discuss a trade up.

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*Deposit amount is based on the product.

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