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Value Buildings

Comparable to other storage sheds in the market, our value-line is built with quality and affordability in mind. These buildings are perfect for you if you are looking for a basic, affordable, good quality, storage shed. All our Value buildings come standard with on 60” double door. The limited customization options make these products affordable to produce and maintain. When you purchase a new Value Shed, you are guaranteed a 5-year workmanship warranty (see here for warranty details).

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Our wood value buildings are made with LP Smart Siding. This siding is specially engineered to withstand the elements at an affordable price. When maintained correctly, this siding can last up to 40 years. You can choose to stay simple and professional with our light stains and neutral paints or show your personality with our brilliant blues and yellows!

brown 10x16 Wood Value Shed Picture

Shed Style

For our customers looking for that basic house or gable style roof, the Value Wood Shed is perfect! With 7’ walls and a standard 60” double door, this shed is designed to store your garden tools, lawnmowers, weed whackers, dirt bikes, and any other basic equipment. Ranging in sizes from 8’x12’ to 14’x40’, the Value Wood Shed has all your basic storage needs covered!

Standard features are shown in the quote below!

brown and tan 10x20 Wood Value Barn with two windows a single door and double doors

Barn Style

The gambrel style roof allows for so much loft space that we decided to give you two 4’ lofts when you purchase this building! When the seasons change, so do your decorations. Why not keep them all safely stored away instead of buying new ones every year? With the optional ladder, you have easy access to your favorite Christmas sweater and Halloween hoodie all year round, without having to take up precious closet space! This style comes in sizes ranging from 8’x12’ to 14’x40’.

Standard features are shown in the quote below!


brown and tan Metal Value Barn with double doors

Barn Style

Like the Value Wood Barn, our Value Metal Barn includes two 4’ lofts! The metal roof and siding are guaranteed not to rust or fade for 40 years ***(see here for warranty details)***! By choosing a metal siding you are choosing to help preserve our environment for the future generation while lowering your own maintenance costs. This model comes with a 10’ skylight in the roof peak, allowing plenty of light in while you search for that one pesky tool that keeps disappearing or your favorite fishing rod. The two vents in either end keep your building cooler in the hot sun. This style comes in sizes 10’x12’ to 12’x24’.

Standard features are shown in the quote below!
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