As of 7/4/2023 Mountain Barn Builders will allow the purchase of 1-2 year extended warranties on certified pre-owned sheds and Econo sheds!

Workmanship Warranty

This limited warranty covers the structure, but any alterations or modifications made to it will void the warranty unless performed by a trained installer approved by the Seller. Any damage caused by the buyer or a third party due to misuse or abuse will also nullify the warranty.

In the event of a warranty breach, the buyer's only recourse is repair or replacement of the structure at the Seller's discretion. The total cost of repair or replacement under this warranty cannot exceed the prorated value of the structure at the time of repair or replacement, calculated as follows: (Cash price less 25%) / (Age of building in years). The seller will arrange for all covered repairs to be made.

The Seller provides no other warranties, express or implied, beyond those stated here. The Seller does not guarantee that the structure is fit for any particular purpose and will not be held liable for incidental or consequential damages caused by the structure, including damage to other property.

To file a warranty claim, mail the original receipts and invoices of the structure  to the Seller along with a written description of the issue and photographic evidence. The Seller will respond to the claim within 45 days.

The Warranty Covers

✅Damage caused by approved installers without a signed waiver from the buyer acknowledging a difficult install.

✅Workmanship defects (i.e. leaking roof/windows/doors due to improper installation).

✅Level installation within reason. 



The Warranty Does Not Cover

❌Damage from animals.

❌Damage from neglect/abuse/theft.

❌Work done by non-approved carpenters/contractors.

❌Attempts to relocate the structure by non-approved installers/contractors.

…This list does not include every possible scenario and warranties will need to be reviewed by Seller prior to repairs/replacements. 



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