Mountain Barn Builders

"Improving today for a better tomorrow by adding value to our community, our people, and our business"

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-What are my purchase options?

A– You can call or stop by one of our authorized dealers or you can order online here.

Q-How do I buy online?

A- Simply find the product you want to purchase on our website. Then click the dropdown of counties and select the county the product would be delivered to. This will take you to a page where you can customize the product to suit your needs. If you are unsure of what you need, contact one of our authorized dealers and they will walk you through the process!

Q-Are the sheds fully assembled before delivery?

A– YES! We deliver your building fully assembled. Delivery within thirty miles of sales location is free, over thirty miles is four dollars per mile.

Q-How long will it take to get my shed?

A– This will differ depending on weather, time of year, location, and what style of building you order. For accurate lead times please call 931-863-8030.

Q-Does my site need to be level?

A– We prefer your site to be as level as possible (unlevel sites increase the block charge and could incur a difficult set charge )typical set lasts less than an hour.

Q-Do you move sheds?

A– YES! We move sheds for $110 an hour (additional charges will apply if a pilot is needed).

Q-How will it be delivered?

A– We will deliver your shed using one of our trucks and shed trailers.

Q-Where do you deliver?

A- We generally deliver to middle and east Tennessee. For a list of our authorized dealers and inventory click here.

Why Buy from Mountain Barn Builders?


Eight-year workmanship and material on our Mountain Barn styles, forty-year on metal, and twenty-five year on shingles. Fifty-year warranty on Duratemp siding (available on select styles only). Sherman Williams paint has an eighteen-year warranty.


Our construction compared to our competitors is second to none.


We offer a storage building to fit every budget. We can also customize your building with shelves, lofts, workbenches, garage doors, skylights, and more.


Mountain Barn Builders appreciates every customer and we are here to help you with any need you may have.

On-site builds available

If we cannot deliver a building to our customers due to obstacles we offer on-site construction.

Free installation

Delivery is free within thirty miles of the sales lot, one hour set up time is included. We are committed to our delivery schedules or we will pay $200.oo *Not including acts of God*

Rent-to-own and Financing

No credit check, no early payoff penalty, payments are based on 36 months and require a deposit and first months rent upon purchase.

Core Values

Value Others– In humility value others above yourself (Phil 2:3).
Pride– In our accomplishment of improving ourselves, others, and community (Eccl 5:18).
Relationship- Growing people by investing our time, talent, and energy.
Serving- people by giving a solution for whatever their needs are.
Life- Improve the quality of life for all.
Legacy– Building a sustainable business and culture by improving opportunities for our families and communities.
Leadership– Providing a path for personal growth and leadership opportunities.
Security– Provide a sustainable future for our company and employees.

Brand Commitment

*Provide a solution to our customers
*Commitment to do what we say.