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Animal Shelters

Take care of your furry family members by purchasing the best of the best shelters to keep them warm and dry! Mountain Barn Builders offers habitations for all shapes and sizes.

Dog Kennel

Dog Kennel Picture

Double or Single Enclosure

Whether it is winter or summer, your beloved animals deserve a dry place to live. These kennels are perfect for your dogs or any other medium-sized animal! You can choose between the double or single enclosure. Each option comes with a 4x8 interior room and either one or two 2x4 enclosures with a lid and a door. The 6x8 exterior habitation is made with pressure-treated decking, to withstand the elements, and includes a large outside door and small animal door leading into their enclosures. You can choose to add a loft over the porch, rubber mats, insulation, and/or wiring!

Run In

large animal shelter with wood partition

Ranging in sizes from 8x12 to 12x36, the Run-In shelter is perfect for any medium or large animal to stay out of the hot sun or chilling wind! The three enclosed sides offer protection while the open side allows your treasured animals to come and go when they please. With 3 high oak kick boards, this model is made to withstand spirited animals! You can choose to add a tack room upgrade to store feed, hay, and other supplies, making caring for your animals even easier.

Chicken Coop

Red Chicken Coop

This 6x8 Chicken Coop can hold up to 25 chickens! You can conveniently care for your birds and clean the coop with the large door on the side and the eight readily accessible nesting boxes in the front. The small chicken door and ramp encourage your birds to roam in the fresh air and allows you to keep them safe at night or in stormy weather. Show your personality by choosing from our beautiful color palette!

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