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New Features!
We are so so excited to announce a new feature of our website coming THIS SPRING! After about 5 years of research and development, we are reaching a new milestone in the online world... Shed and Carport Configurators! Read More!
Valentine’s Day She Shed
This Valentine's Day let's do something different for your special someone. Cards, flowers, chocolates, and jewelry are so last year. Even though all the gifts are very meaning full but so last year. This generation of meaningful, endless love does not exist anymore. Mountain Barn Builders, LLC wants to give you a chance to go back in time when social media didn't corrupt relationships. We offer a building called, She-Shed, to decorate for your special someone for a time to just escape everything to connect with your other half. Read More!
Gazebo Get Away 2022
Are you looking for the perfect gift for valentine’s day that lasts for years to come? Wood and vinyl gazeboes make the ideal spot for date night or any occasion. It could make date night not too far away so that you can stay close to home. Maybe you don’t want to leave the kids but still want to get away for a few hours to spend time together for Valentine’s Day or anniversary. Read More!
Garden Sheds
Barn Builders, LLC is ready to kick it with our garden sheds for the Spring with our fellow gardeners. Some homes have backyard sheds to store different types of lawn care and vehicle equipment, older furniture, workout equipment, kid's bicycles, etc. Read More!
Backyard Storage Rental Units in 2022
Are you moving, renovating, or do you have too much stuff for your small house? As your family grows and seasons change, you need places to store bikes, yard tools, clothes, and even furniture! Have you considered getting a storage shed rather than renting a unit that you have to drive to? Storage sheds are a great alternative to rental units and can end up adding value to your home. Read More!
A flooring designed and warranted specifically for sheds, LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® features a durable overlay for a beautiful, professional-grade appearance. With no knots or voids, it’s a welcome change from building with traditional plywood flooring. Plus, unlike plywood shed floors, LP® ProStruct® Flooring with SmartFinish® is treated with the LP® SmartGuard® process for longer-lasting performance in a variety of climates/weather. Read More!
Raised Beds: Tips to getting started
This craze has been around for quite a while. However, if you are new to gardening, we have some tricks for you! Raised beds are great for small spaces and bad backs. We have gathered some tips and tricks from an experienced gardener to help you get started on your next gardening adventure! Read More!
What should you know about spring planting?
Lucille Horst has been gardening and working with plants since childhood. Her mother was picking peas the day she was born! We took some time to interview her and get an inside scoop on tips and tricks to spring gardening. Read More!
How to organize your shed in five easy steps!
Throughout the seasons, we are constantly moving our belongings in and out of storage. Sometimes, we misplace items and slowly become disorganized. Springtime is the perfect time to get on top of the clutter and organize everything. Whether you want to take a whole day or several evenings, we have laid out 5 basic steps to efficiently clean out and organize your shed! Read More!
Is 10'x20' a good size for a shed?
Before purchasing a storage shed, take some time to consider what size will meet your needs, not only today but also several years in the future. As we all know, things can be easily accumulated, especially with growing families! It is important to consider this when purchasing a new shed. Today we are going to break down the most popular size, 10’x20’, and its top 4 perks! Read More!
Chicken Talk: Why and how you and your children should start your mini-farm this year!
Spring is almost here!!! With the beautiful flowers and obnoxious allergies comes new projects and animals. Whether you are an experienced farmer or new to the idea of owning any animals, raising chicks is impeccable for your child’s development! You may be asking, "Are chickens worth the investment?” "Where do I even begin?” "How does one care for such fragile birds?” After raising hundreds of chicks as a young girl, I have gathered a few tips for you today! Read More!
What to get her for Valentine's Day!
It has been roughly 46 weeks since this global pandemic has shut our schools and work down. Everyone is restless. Especially the superheroes disguised as mothers! Valentine's Day is coming fast! Here are some things you can do for the beautiful, strong, exhausted woman in your life! Read More!
What are the pros and cons to Rent to Owning a storage shed?
Renting a storage unit for years can be costly. Why not rent a storage shed on YOUR property that you can own in just a few short years? Why do people choose Rent to Own? Is there a better option for you? Everyone has different needs and different situations, so make sure you select the option that suits you the best! Read More!
How to optimize the interior of your shed for animals!
Feeding and taking care of your animals is already time-consuming enough! Add cleaning up after them to that and you are a full-time caretaker! Make the cleanup job easier and preserve your shed with this simple trick… Paint the interior of your shed! All this takes is a clean shed, some leftover paint, and a paintbrush or paint roller. Read More!
Big questions to ask before purchasing a shed!
Before deciding on a large purchase, such as a storage shed, it is smart to do your research and discover what materials, styles, and sizes you need. Storage sheds are growing in popularity and serve a variety of different uses! You can turn it into the perfect hobby barn, or create a man cave, and of course, use it to store your possessions. You can order a shed in so many different sizes and styles, it is often hard to decipher what you need. Read More!
What colors should you get your shed in?
Choosing the size, style and even options of your storage shed is a breeze compared to the scariest decision of all...color. How do you know whether to match your house or accent it? Should you go with that color that pops or stay in the neutral tones? There are also so many different roof colors to choose from! Which ones match best and which will clash so bad you want to cry every time you look at it? That is why we are here! As experts in the industry, we understand the pain of this choice. Keep reading to see the top five color combinations and tips and tricks to choosing the right one for you! Read More!