Shed Sizing Guide

Size Breakdown: 10'x20' Storage Shed

Author: Andrea Horst

Before purchasing a storage shed, take some time to consider what size will meet your needs, not only today but also several years in the future. As we all know, things can be easily accumulated, especially with growing families! It is important to take this into consideration when purchasing a new shed. Today we are going to break down the most popular size, 10’x20’, and its top 4 perks!

  1. ATV and Lawn Equipment Storage - The 10’x20’ storage shed will fit most ATVs and lawn equipment. Make sure to measure yours before purchasing. You can upgrade the floor joists for more strength and support! Our double doors are 60” wide standard, so you may need to upgrade to a 72” door or a garage door.
  2. Home Office - As more and more of us have started working from home, our homes have become crowded with work and school supplies. Most cubicles are hardly larger than 90 square feet, so 200 square feet is a huge upgrade! Perfect for multiple people and children. Converting a shed into your office will also help with separating work and home life!
  3. Hobby Barn - Hobby Rooms have the tendency to become a "catch-all” for all other random artifacts that can be found in our homes. Create a space for you to escape for a few hours and let your creative mind flow! Also, having your hobby in a separate space means that you can let it get a little messy without having to stress. Upgrade your shed with lofts, workbenches, shelves, and windows to get the most out of your new creative space!
  4. Loft Storage - A 4’x10’ loft is great for storing totes or other items! You can also purchase a loft ladder for easy access. If 40 square feet of loft space is not enough, you can double and make it 80. We recommend the Barn styles if you are looking for a lot of loft space!

All in all, the 10’x20’ is a versatile size. Whether you are looking for a storage shed, hobby barn, or small garage, this size is one of the most common choices among Mountain Barn Builders’ customers. You can purchase your next shed online or at any of our authorized dealers!

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