Backyard Storage Rental Units in 2022

Author: Andrea Horst

Are you moving, renovating, or do you have too much stuff for your small house? As your family grows and seasons change, you need places to store bikes, yard tools, clothes, and even furniture! Have you considered getting a storage shed rather than renting a unit that you have to drive to? Storage sheds are a great alternative to rental units and can end up adding value to your home.

Renting a storage unit can easily end up costing you $2,100 in a year! A 10x20 storage shed starts at $3,565 + tax, block, and any extra delivery fees. In two years of renting a storage unit, you could save up enough to purchase a shed! If you need the storage soon but dont have the cash, you can opt for our Rent to Own option and pay $181.14/ month compared to the average 10x20 unit at $100/month for something that you will never own.

Customize your shed or buy it stock and save money in the long run! Portable storage sheds start at 6x8 and can be ordered as large as 16x40! Add windows, lofts, shelves, benches, and extra doors to customize it for your needs. A storage shed could also double as a workshop or hobby barn! Click here to view stock options and here to build your own!