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Barns in a row

5 Color Combinations to Make Your Storage Shed Magnificant!

Author: Andrea Horst

Top 5 Combinations!

  1. The Classic Barn Red, Extra White Trim, and Onyx Black Shingles.
  2. The Show Stopper! Gallery Blue, Extra White Trim, and White Roof
  3. The Matchy-Patchy Match your house
  4. The Accent
  5. The Patriot Barn Red, White Trim, and Slate Blue Metal Roof


Choosing the size, style and even options of your storage shed is a breeze compared to the scariest decision of all...color. How do you know whether to match your house or accent it? Should you go with that color that pops or stay in the neutral tones? There are also so many different roof colors to choose from! Which ones match best and which will clash so bad you want to cry every time you look at it? That is why we are here! As experts in the industry, we understand the pain of this choice. Keep reading to see the top five color combinations and tips and tricks to choosing the right one for you!

Number 1: The Classic Barn Red, Extra White Trim, and Onyx Black Shingles.

This is the top "BarnĒ look. If you want that classic farm style barn look that you see on tv, go with the bold Barn Red, accented with black and white! The red will pop against any backdrop, field, forest, or suburban neighborhood and catch the eyes of all your guests!

Cautions: When you choose this bold red as your main color, be sure to take note of other buildings on your property and especially your house! The red can clash when paired with practically anything other than shades of gray and black. Used as an accent, you can pair it with neutral browns for more subtle looks.

Number 2: The Show Stopper! Gallery Blue, Extra White Trim, and White Roof

If you are looking for a bold color to set your building apart from all others, go with the rich Gallery Blue accented with White! These colors are perfect in porch models. Whether your building is nestled beside a lake or sitting as your office on an open lot, it will absorb friends, family, and customers!

Cautions: Just like The Classic color combination, you need to be careful not to clash this rich blue with other rich colors or neutral browns. We recommend pairing this combination with whites, grays, and blacks.

Number 3: The Matchy-Patchy Match your house!

To make your shed blend in on your property, simply have the colors matched to your own home! You can even opt for vinyl siding to match identically. Check with your storage shed dealer to see if they offer custom color matching. This can range from $0 to $75 depending on siding types, sizes, styles, and locations. This is also a great option if your neighborhood has strict enforcement on property additions.

Cautions: Make sure you research and approve of the matched colors before the building is built and painted. If you use your phone to take a picture of your home, this can result in different colors due to screen variances and resolutions. If possible, bring in samples from your house siding, trim, and roof. You can even bring in the paint used on your house! Taking in samples instead of pictures will guarantee a perfect match.

Number 4: The Accent

Accent your house! We all know about accent walls on the inside, but did you know you can accent your property with a shed? If your house is brick, try going with a white shed trimmed in black! This will make a gorgeous contrast between the red brick and white shed. White will add a beautiful clean accent to nearly any color. Look at lighter blues to go with your brown or tan house. A light Colonial Yellow will bring life to darker browns and grays. The possibilities are endless! If you canít figure out what color would look best, bring a picture of your home to us and we would love to work with you on finding the perfect accent! Start browsing ideas on Pinterest and bring them to us. Most of all, be sure YOU love it!

Cautions: Some accent colors will be bolder than others, so make sure you are comfortable with a bold look before submitting your order. If you are nervous about the bold colors, go for a more subtle complementary color. Donít forget, you can always paint over it by yourself if you donít like it!

Number 5: The Patriot Barn Red, White Trim, and Slate Blue Metal Roof

Designed for the die-hard patriots, this color combination will show your patriotism to the great USA! If your yard holds the American flag and you want to express your love for freedom in all areas of your life, this is the perfect choice for you. Aside from being patriotic, it is a beautifully bold look. These colors will bring life to any property.

Cautions: The bold colors are difficult to paint over if you change your mind in the future. Other than that this is a combination that will yell who you are without a care in the world! Continue checking back to see new color combinations that our team comes up with! Please message us with your favorites too. We would love to feature your designs on our website! To submit your storage building for a feature, fill out this form along with a landscape picture of your building and your home.


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