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Paint interior to make cleaning up after animals easier!

Author: Andrea Horst

Feeding and taking care of your animals is already time-consuming enough! Add cleaning up after them to that and you are a full-time caretaker! Make the cleanup job easier and preserve your shed with this simple trickÖ Paint the interior of your shed! All this takes is a clean shed, some leftover paint, and a paintbrush or paint roller.

Step One: Clean your shed

This step is simple but crucial to your success!

  1. Sweep the large pieces of dirt out the door (vacuum the cracks if necessary)
  2. Grab your bucket of water with light detergent and a rag and clean the area you are planning to paint. (we only painted halfway up our wall)
  3. Rinse all detergent out with a hose or excess water.
  4. Let dry (you cannot start painting while the wood is wet, this could trap water and cause rot)


2-Step Two: Paint First Coat

You can purchase special paint from the store or you can use leftover paint from your house. Either way, it will get the job done!

  1. Start with the walls make sure you cover all surfaces that you will be cleaning regularly
  2. After your walls are finished, paint the floor (make sure you end at a doorway so you donít have to walk across your wet pain)
  3. *optional* To make your paint dry faster open doors and windows (be sure no animals or debris can enter)


Step Three: Second Coat

More than one coat of paint will be necessary to adequately seal off the wood for quick cleaning and preservation of the floor. Repeat step two after the first coat has completely dried.

That's all folks!

Thank you so much for stopping by! We hope this mini-tutorial will help you in your ventures. Remember, yes the finished product should make you proud, but make sure you have fun and glorify God while doing it!

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