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Vendor ID Order/Serial # Size Style Color
R & R North M2P222RROA 10x12 D-Value Style SW7067-Cityscape
R & R North M107-89788A 10x16 B-Value Style SW7674-Peppercorn
R & R North M30099A 10x20 Cabin Style D - Duratemp Clay
R & R North M192RRO 10x16 B-Value Style SW2841-Weathered Shingle
R & R North 120.-14820 10x10 Vinyl Value Series Gazebo White
R & R North M40698A 10x16 B-Value Style Sealed
R & R North M41126 10x12 B-Value Style Sealed
R & R North M168RRO 6x8 LT Shadow Gray
R & R North 107-96479 12x28 B-Value Style Porch SW6109-Hopsack
R & R North 118-84076 10x16 B-Value Style SW6082-Cobble Brown
R & R North DB113 10x20 B Cedar Charwood