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Vendor ID Order/Serial # Size Style Color
Solway 107-72286 10x12 B-Value Style SW6108-Latte
Solway 107-29872 10x16 Cabin Style D - Duratemp SW6082-Cobble Brown
Solway 107-55804 10x12 B-Value Style SW7066-Gray Matters
Solway 107-07018 10x16 Cabin Style D - Duratemp SW2838-Polished Mahogany
Solway 107-65889 12x28 B-Value Style Clay
Solway 107-25127 10x16 Dutch Barn Style B - Duratemp SW6207-Retreat
Solway 107-54220 10x12 Econo Metal Building Shed Style Clay
Solway 107-85922 12x28 B-Value Style Porch SW7067-Cityscape
Solway 107-25801 10x20 B-Value Style SW7674-Peppercorn
Solway 107-77855 10x12 D-Value Style SW6082-Cobble Brown
Solway 41265 10 x 10 Value Gazebo Sealed