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After installation we will ask you to sign a document acknowledging your satisfaction with the constructed building and the manner in which it was setup.

Un-Disclosed site information could incur a fee of up to 15% of the subtotal. Delivery could be delayed if site preparation is needed.

1. Is the address correct?

2. Are there any specific directions that I need to take to get to your home/business?

3. Will I be able to get the truck, trailer, and building where you want it? (Need at least 4' more than the building size for overhead clearance and trailer swing)

4. Are there any trees, tree limbs or other obstacles in the way of the building site?

5. How's the ground where it's going? (Muddy, Soft, Unlevel, Gravel, Concrete Pad)

6. Will the septic tank be in the path of where the building is going?

7. Do I need to pull straight in or back in?

8. Which way do I need the door facing on my trailer? (Building comes off back)

9. Are you aware there is a charge per block?

10. Are you prepared to pay the amount due on delivery?


DUE TO MARKET VOLATILITY, PRICES AND MATERIALS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE.   All orders are subject to verification by the main office. If order is accepted and processed by Mountain Barn Builders, LLC. (Seller) this order becomes a contract between above buyer and seller and is subject to the terms and conditions of this contract .

You may receive a follow up call to confirm your order. Expected delivery time is 2-4 weeks. You will receive a call from our Logistics Department to schedule delivery and installation.

  • The next page will provide a PRINT ORDER button that will serve as your CONTRACT. Please print or save this order and file it for your records.

  • After printing, close the print window and click PAY DEPOSIT ONLINE unless you will be financing your purchase.
    Balance-on-Delivery and Rent-To-Own purchases will NOT be processed until deposit and the 1st month's rent are received.
    If no deposit is received within 24 hours of signature, this order will be voided and saved as a quote for 10 days.

  • OPTIONAL: RENT TO OWN or RENT TO RENT - Click the links below or call 888-863-8030 toll free for more details and information.


  • OPTIONAL: FINANCING - Call 888-863-8030 toll free to apply.   A 10% deposit will be required for FINANCING (deposit is to be determined by the bank) after your application has been approved. We will contact you with instructions when your application has been processed.


I understand block is not included in the above price and I will be charged per block for leveling the building, to be paid upon completion.

I understand standard delivery and set up is included in the price listed above for up to 1 hour. Any set up that is non-standard could inquire a difficulty charge.

I acknowledge that I will be charged for $6 for every mile over 30 miles from this building's current location.

I AGREE to the TERMS of this Contract.

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